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Referee Information





Please contact Dave Dahlquist with any questions at

We are fortunate to have a good crew of experienced refs returning for this recreation season. A training presentation will soon be available and provided to all of the registered refs with important information and details about the program including:


  • Ref assignments and expected communication
  • Finding a suitable replacement ref when necessary 
  • Ref shirts and whistles
  • Proper ref positioning and court coverage
  • Game scoring and time keeping
  • Rules -- keep it fair and safe for the players
  • Managing the games -- maintaining control and sticking to the schedule, handling other issues
  • Getting paid - must be registered
  • Refs who also play rec
  • Saturday conflicts (games / practices, Driver's Ed, SAT's, family commitments, etc.)
  • Interacting with other refs, players, coaches, fans, coordinators, etc.
  • and more


For the 2019 season, our refs registered will have opportunities to referee MYB rec games from Sat Jan 5th through Sat March 9th. As in the past, preference for game assignments will typically go to the more experienced refs, those with good basketball / officiating experience, those who are reliable and do a good job in the games they are assigned. There may be some limited opportunities for newer refs who are available when needed and can do a good job. I'm always looking for refs who can hustle, be in position, blow the whistle and interact well with the kids. The success of the rec program is closely connected to the effort and attitude of the MYB refs working the games. 

Please don't hesitate to communicate with me at any point with questions or feedback. Thank you for your interest and participation in the MYB Referee program and good luck on the courts!


Dave Dahlquist
MYB Referee Coordinator